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Health benefits of Kitesurfing

In general, the practice of all sports offers us an immense amount of advantages that we must to use Did you know that Kitesurfing is one of them? It has a great list of health benefits that you will see now.
As you know, Kitesurfing is a sliding sport: the wind propels the kite attached to your body through a harness (there are more or less hardness) to navigate on a board on the water. Depending on the kite style you do, you will have to make use a few efforts and manoeuvres. In general terms, both the upper and lower trunk of your body must be in optimal conditions to enjoy a good session. And of course, you will have the reward you are looking for.
The fun new way enjoy water sports Duotone Foil Wing
Duotone Foil Wing la nueva y divertida forma de disfrutar en el agua

Surely you have already seen images and heard news about this product that is being the toy of the year for all lovers of water sports, which has been gaining ground thanks to the evolution of the Foil throughout the world.

The Duotone Foil Wing has been in development for a couple of years, and the design team have tested countless prototypes in order to create the perfect shape. By utilising a boom, you also get unlimited choices of hand placements and a much more rigid connection to the wing itself. This helps with control and power development. The boom is also adjustable so it can be used with all of our foil wings and navigate upwind with great performance. You stabilize it and adjust it to your comfort and convenience, letting the wind take you to discover new sensations with this fun water sport.
Kite bars: Trust bar and Duotone Click bar
Barras Duotone
Perhaps for users who begin to practice kiteboarding or are interested in doing so, what most attracts their attention and generates doubts is what type of kite to choose, what measures to select, which board and what size to carry, but without a doubt, it is important to look at the bar. Is our element of connection with the kite and all our movements in the water (and outside it) will pass through the bar.

Therefore, such an important element in our kite sessions must be safe, quality, robust, well finished, lightweight and easy to handle. It is important mentioned the versatility of the bar, since there are for only 4 lines, or compatible with 4 and 5 lines.
What kite to choose according to your style and level
Gama de cometas
In the previous post, we talked about the kite boards, the different types, characteristics and their differences according to use. The other important element is the kite, so we have prepared this post so that you know the types of kites we have available and their key points to choose the right one, depending on the use.
Different types of kitesurf boards

Tablas de kitesurf

For the practice of kitesurfing, various elements are necessary, although the general public is mainly focused on the two main ones: the board and the kite. In this post, we will focus on the first of them, and we will define the types of kite boards that exist in the market, using the complete range of Duotone boards.
Kitesurf, fly over the sea
Descubre el kite
Discover kitesurfing or kiteboarding. The first thing that should be commented on in this post is that the name of kitesurf is the spanishized term of the original kiteboarding. That is to say, the authentic name of the sport, linguistically speaking, is kiteboarding - kite and board in action - although in Spain, other areas of southern Europe and Brazil, we popularly know this sport as kitesurfing, since for the general public it consists of sliding On a surfboard with a kite. But kiteboarding or kitesurfing, as you prefer, is much more than that.

If you are an experienced person in this sport, perhaps this post will fall short, since in it we will discuss the origin of this modality, its basic notions, its variants, its current situation in our country and some other aspect. Perhaps, if you are an experienced kiter you find this publication somewhat basic, although you can always read us and some of the contents may surprise you.