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Submitted on 10-06-2019
Gama de barras Duotone

After reviewing the boards and kites in the previous posts, today we will enter the third basic element of the kite, the bar.

The bar is not only the "flywheel" with which to drive the kite, but also provides more or less power as it allows us to hunt or release the kite with a simple gesture.

Perhaps for users who begin to practice kiteboarding or are interested in doing so, what most attracts their attention and generates doubts is what type of kite to choose, what measures to select, which board and what size to carry, but without a doubt, it is important to look at the bar. Is our element of connection with the kite and all our movements in the water (and outside it) will pass through the bar.

Therefore, such an important element in our kite sessions must be safe, quality, robust, well finished, lightweight and easy to handle. It is important mentioned the versatility of the bar, since there are for only 4 lines, or compatible with 4 and 5 lines.

Parts of the kite bar

Barra Duotone Trust BarPre-lines: Connect the bar to the kite lines.
Stopper: It is a top stop that is used to shorten the power range of the kite so that we don't lose control.
Brake cape: It is the rope on which the bar moves up or down to adjust the angle of attack.
Brake: Adjusts the power of the kite, throwing power and releasing we have power again by changing the position or inclination of the kite.
Quick release: It is a security system of last resort that frees us from the bar, causing the kite to fall into the water or the ground. It is used only in emergencies when it is impossible to control the kite.
Chicken Loop: It is the element that connects the harness hook and the bar. There are different types, depending on the modality we practice.
Chicken Stick or Finger: Connects between the Chicken Loop and the harness hook to prevent us from disconnecting in any movement.
Safety Ring: Where the leash connection to the lifeline takes place.

In addition to the aspects that we have previously mentioned to assess when we are going to decide on one or the other bar, we must take into account that it is an element that suffers a lot of wear and tear due to navigation, so in addition to the product quality itself, we must look at the facility to clean it, change a piece and make a careful care so that it lasts many sessions.

In the bars (as in the rest of equipment for kite) Duotone offers the best in the market. Duotone Trust Bar and Click Bar, which together with the brand's chickens, will make your browsing as comfortable and safe as possible. Here are the two bars:


Trust Bar navegando
The Duotone Trust Bar is one of the best and safest 4-line bars that you can find in the world of kitesurfing. It highlights its safety system with a single front line, a quick and simple security solution, so that when the Quick Release system is released, the front line exposes a smaller surface of the kite to the wind, virtually eliminating the power. It is available in sizes S / M and M / L, size S / M covers a width of 42 to 49 cm, while size M / L ranges from 46 to 53 cm.

It has the Iron Heart IV, the best in terms of security systems, which combined with the new Suicide Ring III and the security system with a front line is very easy to use. The Suicide Ring III allows you to configure a “suicide mode”, keeping the ring and leash in an elevated position without getting in the way of the chicken loop.

The Trust Bar is compatible with any 4-line kite model, but also, starting in 2019, you can mount the 5-line configuration with the “5th Element Upgrade kit” in just 3 minutes, choosing the configuration that suits you best, depending on your preferences and your browsing style. The 5th line facilitates the relaunch, especially with large kites and provides a true central safety line.

Highlights of the Duotone Trust Bar:
Trust Bar
  • WINDING POSTS: The Winding Post of the bar are constructed from a reinforced polyamide fiber mold, a light and rigid solution, and feature a molded EVA rubber cushioning that guarantees maximum comfort for the rider. They allow the rider to trim the back lines when necessary. It is important to note that you should never navigate with the Winding Post uncapped. This closure prevents the mainline knot from leaving its site.
  • STICKY & ERGONOMIC BAR GRIP: Duotone bars have an exceptional pad for a secure and comfortable grip thanks to their ergonomic design. The reduced diameter of the bar allows a firmer grip which guarantees an ideal control.
  • PLASTIC FITTED CENTER HOLE: The insert for the central hole of the bar is interchangeable and is made of plastic to reduce wear on the line of the off power. The material used for this piece is abrasion resistant, which will save damage to the line even if there is sand, so that wear and tear will be minimal.
  • ROTO HEAD: The Roto Head allows you to unwind the lines after a spinning jump or a kiteloop while sailing. It is made with an extremely durable anti-corrosion plastic. The Roto Head is served with two set screws that facilitate and simplify the change of the power line. Simply use an FCS key to remove the screws and replace the power off line.
  • INTEGRATED EVA FLOATS - FLIP - FLOP FUNCTION: The moulded EVA floats are fully integrated into the Winding Post to offer a jointless connection, providing greater protection to the lines and rider. The integration of the EVA float also prevents the lines from becoming entangled and generally provides better rigidity between the bar and the lines. The Flip-Flop function allows you to toggle between a bar length of 53 cm and 46 cm (M / L) and another length of 49 cm and 42 cm (S / M) with just one click. This greatly simplifies the process of adjusting the bar.


The Click Bar is equipped with the Iron Heart V, which guarantees a quick and reliable release. The lines are unwound automatically during turns, including the safety line. This bar is served with a 4-line configuration, adjustable to different line lengths: size S 42 cm wide for lines 20 m to 22 m, or size M 49 cm wide that we will use for lines 22 m 24 m. The size S of this bar is compatible with the 6-line Hadlow configuration.

Duotone Click BarIf there is a bar that stands out in the kiter world, that is the Duotone Click Bar. This bar revolutionized the way to control the kites, taking them to a new level. Now there is a new version, narrower, which has only 42 cm wide and a line length of 20 m, plus an extension of 2 m. With the Click Bar you can change the v-position of the front lines based on your preferences and your browsing style, it has a security system with automatic turn-off that makes the lines unravel automatically in turns. Even the guided line untangles to optimize safety and comfort.

But undoubtedly, the strong point of the Click Bar is in the exclusive trim unit that allows you to increase and reduce the power in precise steps with a simple gesture. To increase the power you just have to turn the rewind mechanism clockwise, so that with each half turn, the extension of the rear lines is reduced.

To reduce the power, just press the button in the centre of the rewind mechanism so that the rear lines extend each time you press it. The bar's power indicator shows the power level at all times and is also visible in the bright orange signal on the right float.

Highlights of the Click Bar of Duotone Botón de la Click Bar
  • THE WINDER: It is the rewind mechanism of the trimming unit that, when turned clockwise, causes the rear lines to shorten so that the kite will have more power. With each half turn of the rewind system, a stage is increased, having a total of eight.
  • THE BUTTON: Performs the function contrary to Winder. Each time the button is pressed, the back lines lengthen, thus reducing the power of the kite. Each time the button is pressed, a power stage is reduced.
  • IRON HEART V: It has a ceramic opening support, durable and easy to clean to ensure the best safety performance. Allow the safety line to unwind easily.
  • SINGLE DEPOTENCIATION LINE COVERED WITH TPU: Provides long-lasting protection against erosion, also protects the safety line, has a wide path of de-potentiation and a cleaning kit for the bar is also available, so you can take care your bar to last you many years.
  • SLIDING BAR STOPPER: The stopper keeps the bar in place and close to the rider, always guaranteeing perfect control, but from a certain amount of pressure, the Sliding Bar Stopper will move up without an effort to offer maximum safety so It cannot be used as a fixed Stopper Ball.
Recommendations for both bars

Click Bar y Matchu Lopes

Obviously Duotone bars are designed with use in combination with kites of the same brand, that is Dice, Evo, Neo, Mono, Rebel or Juice, and the Click Bar in size S is the only option for Vegas and Hadlow, if we use the expansion/configuration kit. But these bars are compatible with most kites in the market.

The length of the lines can determine the kite's flight. Different navigation styles and different kite models or sizes require different line lengths. To enjoy maximum comfort and get the best performance from a kite, it is essential to adapt the length of the lines to the type of kite and the navigation style of each rider. In this case, Duotone offers an orientation as to the length of lines according to use, kite and bar.

19 M 22 M 24 M 27 M









Fast and reactive turns Reactive turns The most versatile length Huge lower section
Extreme freestyle, Wakestyle and waves Kite fast loops Ideal for freeride in general Big jumps
Kite tight, super fast and hard loops The favorite of our freestyle riders Good lower section and good turning speed Great lift
Thinnest bar The best choice for wave riders Higher jumps, since you can "load" the lines  
  Thinnest bar The recommended size for quivers of a bar  

Other complements:
Chicken Loops de Duotone

With Duotone bars, you have four different chicken loop options available for maximum performance and customization. They are the following:
  • Quick Release Rope Harness Kit: The rope harness kit features a small chicken loop with a metal foil and a short leash. This kit can only be used with a rope harness. It guarantees a maximum range of power loss and has no abrasive properties, which translates into a longer duration of the harness and loop. Its short, tangle-proof safety leash, provides comfort and reliability.
  • Quick Release Freeride Kit: Presents the smallest chicken loop and a short leash. This kit is the preferred option of freeriders who prefer not to disengage. Its short chicken loop maximizes the range of power loss, while its short safety leash prevents tangles.
  • Quick Release Freestyle Kit and Wakestyle Kit: They have a large chicken loop (larger in the case of Wake's) and a long leash. They are ideal to practice freestyle in the first case or FS disengaged and wakestyle in the second. Its long and neoprene coated leash provides maximum freedom of movement and comfort, as well as preventing injuries. It is very easy to hook it again after doing unhooked manoeuvres.

All these features make Duotone bars considered one of the best bars on the market, especially the Click Bar for its kite enhancement system. If you want to try them, contact us directly by clicking here, and we will contact you to establish a Duotone material test.

Stay tuned for the Wet-Store blog because we will continue publishing content related to kitesurfing. Good waves and good wind, until next time.


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