2021 Grip XS - Mosquito Edition

2021 Grip XS - Mosquito Edition - Size:60 - Quality:A
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Product Description
Product Description

The Ultra Grip Mosquito Edition celebrates Fanatics 40th anniversary with a blend of iconic graphics from our history combined with the most successful wave shape of today!

The Grip XS is our dedicated performance waveboard for the future stars of our sport. Designed specifically for lightweight riders, every detail is built in proportion so that smaller rippers can unleash their potential without limitation.

Based on our PWA World Title winning Grip TE, the XS is shorter and narrower with thinned out tail and rails that – when paired with increased rocker and quad-fin set-up – offer the ultimate in manoeuvrability and control in all wave conditions.

The footstrap position and stance are ideal for smaller riders and smaller sails; it is truly the best board out there for groms and lightweights.

Key features of the 2021 Grip XS - Mosquito Edition

  1. Bottom ShapeHigh top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave / V bottom shape
  2. Flat deckFlat deck, great for stability in lighter winds
  3. Slot BoxLightweight and easy to adjust slot-box fin system allows further tuning for conditions and preference. Moving the fins back noticeably increases the speed and drive of the board, whilst moving them forward gives a much looser, more ›surfy‹ feel
  4. Special RockerIncreased rocker with extra tail kick to aid manoeuvrability for lighter riders
  5. Thinned outThinned out tail and rail shape to ensure maximum turning and control
  6. Trim / StanceTrim and Stance adjusted for smaller riders and kids
  7. FootpadGrippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads
  8. Premium FootstrapComfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps

Video of the 2021 Grip XS - Mosquito Edition