Duotone Rebel 2020

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Product Description
Product Description

The Rebel has been part of Duotone’s history, and it is very much part of our future. The five-strut kite is the ultimate freeride and big air weapon, perfect for cruising lagoons or for soaring through the skies. For 2020 the leading edge diameter has been reduced, this makes the kite a little faster and a lot more efficient. In addition to this, there is also a new flatter section in the middle of the canopy profile. This unique design increases the power of the kite, while the designers have ensured the legendary depower of the Rebel remains. This means the kite now has a much bigger wind range, meaning fewer kites in your quiver and more time on the water if the conditions change. The new trailing edge wave design further enhances the life span of the canopy and reduces flutter. The Rebel has excellent sheet and go capabilities, meaning you can easily dial up power at the bar. It’s a fantastic kite for progressing, as it is so forgiving, however, it is also packed with performance too. The Rebel is the kite you need when you want to send it to the moon, if you want bigger jumps from your sessions, it’s time to join the Rebellion!

Key features of the Rebel

  1. Reduced diameter leading edgeA thinner leading edge makes the Rebel more efficient, but also allows it to twist, increasing the turning speed and making the handling very dynamic.
  2. Flatter centre shapeA new flatter profile in the centre of the kite adds power and improves the flying characteristics.
  3. Powerful lift and huge hangtimePerfect for freeride performance with explosive powerful lift and huge as well as long hangtime.
  4. Best sheet and go power developmentThe sheet and go handling makes a kite incredibly easy to fly.
  5. Biggest windrangeThe Rebel can be flown in a very wide aspect of wind strengths, without changing the size.
  6. New trailing edge design for less canopy wearA narrower trailing edge and a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and to create a slicker kite profile.

3D Render of the Rebel