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Product Description
Product Description

The Vegas is the most desired C shaped performance kite on the market, the choice of wakestylers, freestylers, big air junkies and champions! The king of the C-kites is still the choice of our pro team when it comes to freestyle, wakestyle and big air competitions. One of the most stable and predictable kites for looping, you’ll find it flying through the air in South Africa with Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern and Lasse Walker underneath it. 8 out of 16 competitors chose it as their weapon of choice for the King of the Air. Featuring a very stiff frame and stable canopy the kite is capable of delivering massive amounts of lift and pop. It’s this feature that attracts the big air riders where predictability in strong winds is key. However, the ace up the kites sleeve is its ability to deliver incredible slack during unhooked riding. As you pop, the kite is designed to create slack in the lines that allow you perform the most technically demanding tricks with ease. With precise and dynamic handling the Vegas has garnered a multitude of fans out there with a wide variety of riding styles. There are three setups on the kite with numerous trim options, allowing you to tune your Vegas to the way you ride and the conditions of the day. The Vegas is the last word in high-performance C-kites, don’t gamble with your success, ride the Vegas for the win!

Key features of the Vegas

  1. Amazing unhooked performance and popIncredible slack after the pop, this allows you to perform the most technically demanding tricks with ease.
  2. Responsive power release delayThe responsive power release delay gives you the slack you need for your wakestyle and freestyle performance.
  3. 3 setups and trimming optionsThe Vegas can be tuned exactly how you want it to fly, variable sheeting force settings and depower settings.
  4. Pure C kite designBest kite design for wakestyle and freestyle due to the offered slack. The Vegas is the ultimate megalooping machine.
  5. Five-strut design5 struts for a very stable and robust kite frame.
  6. Loaded 5th lineThe loaded 5th line is responsible for reactive steering, powered as well as depowered and a crisp and direct bar feel.

Video of the Vegas

3D Render of the Vegas