Quest TT 2019

Quest TT - Size:5'10'' - Quality:A
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Product Description
Product Description

Featuring a classic surfboard style design, the Quest TT is one of the most versatile boards in the range. The TT Construction makes it incredibly durable and ding resistant, while also making it excellent value. The traditional shape makes it perfect for handling small to medium sized waves and also for comfortable freeriding on lighter wind days. For those riders who are keen to start wave riding, the Quest TT is the perfect companion; it is forgiving and easy to ride and will make those first gybes a breeze. The classic shape and thruster set up combines to inspire confidence when you are learning your first carves on the wave. Even in heavy chop and windy conditions, control is easy to find and the Quest TT will prove to be a smooth ride whatever the weather!

Key features of the Quest TT

  1. Best all-rounderA classic surf shape is the guarantee for a great All-rounder.
  2. Easy to controlDue to a classic shape very easy to control and very versatile.
  3. Fast and stableSpeed in combination with absolute control is the magic combination.
  4. Balance of grip and snapsExcellent balance of grip and explosive snaps off the top.
  5. Excellent valueDue to a little heavier construction, a very interesting price point was achieved.
  6. TT ConstructionA little bit heavier, but very robust and durable construction.

3D Render of the Quest TT