Stingray Foil HRS

Stingray Foil HRS - Size:140 - Quality:A
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Product Description
Product Description

The Stingray is our dedicated free foilboard with an incredibly easy and fun character. All details of its shape are designed to make the world of foiling as accessible and fun as possible, and it will grow with you as your skill and performance level progress.

Its foiling-optimised stance comes from the parallel rails and boosted wide outline, making early take-offs and controlled efficient flights easy. The forgiving nose with bevelled rails aid smooth out landings and recovery from touchdowns.

Versatility and performance are built in: both Track Foil Mount and Tuttle Foil Box mounting options give you room to play with all types of foils – while the extra long mast track caters for all sail types and sizes.

Key features of the Stingray Foil HRS

  1. 100% foil optimized100% optimized for foiling!
  2. Bevelled railsBevelled rails for forgiving landings and neutral behavior in gybes and tacks
  3. Parallel railsBoosted width and parallel rails for comfort and performance
  4. scooped nosePlenty of vee and scooped nose section for a smooth touch-down
  5. Two Box options4-Way Track System and Tuttle Foil Box options for the use of different foils
  6. long mast trackExtra long mast track for all sail types and styles and for the right trim with multiple foil styles
  7. FootpadGrippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads

Video of the Stingray Foil HRS