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Pineapple lamp

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The iconic Piña Colada lamp is Goodnight Light´s bestselling design, providing tropical warmth and welcome all-year round. Designed by Eva Newton and inspired by her love of the exotic, this fun and fruity design works in a variety of colours.


Shatterproof: made of vinyl with no glass bulb
Safe: emits no heat thanks to LED technology
Eco -friendly: low energy consumption
Soothing: high quality light produces a soft, warm glow
Easy: plug it in and switch it on

The Designer says...

The Piña Colada lamp was inspired by my favourite decorative movements - 19th century exoticism and 1950s tiki culture.
For me it´s a celebration of the fruit itself; the instant tropical feeling it brings to your kitchen when you add it to your fruit bowl; it´s a symbol of holidays and tropical warmth all year-round. As a lamp it lights up as a beacon of warmth and adds just a touch of tropicalia.
It looks great surrounded by natural materials, on wood or cork with leafy plants, or for a more luxurious look, on marble. My favourites are the warm colours, and pink, but I have every colour around the house!

Product Information

Available in: Pastel yellow, pink, mint, fluorescent red, tropical green,
cool white. Limited edition metallic are also available through selected retailers.
Material: Vinyl
Produced: Hand-moulded in Spain
Energy Efficient: Long-life and low energy consumption through LED technology
Product Dimensions: 32 x 15cm

Characteristics: CE certified LED fixture. Accepts 100V/240V 50-60Hz AC. Plug three-prong type (type G), the kind typically used in the UK, or a two-prong type (type C) typically used in all other regions of the EU. Emits 150 lumens, 12v 2.5 watts. LED life span of up to 50,000 hours.

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