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The cactus lamp

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Designed by Eva Newton, the Cactus Lamp Pale Green brings an exotic botanical feel to any space. Its inspiration was taken from the Nopal Cactus, whose vivid flowers and colourful form break up even the dustiest plains of Mexico.

Producing a warming desert glow, its beautiful design makes for a great decorative object; one easily mistaken for the real-life prickly pear!


Shatterproof: made of vinyl with no glass bulb
Safe: emits no heat thanks to LED technology
Eco-friendly: low energy consumption
Soothing: high quality light produces a soft, warm glow
Easy: plug it in and switch it on

The Designer says...

´The Cactus Lamp was inspired initially by the collections I used to visit in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, and the formidable collection in Frida Kahlo´s garden in Mexico.

When I moved to Spain I found I was inspired more by my environment and the cacti that grew near my home. I discovered that the Nopal Cactus thrives in the dry climate but bears an abundance of prickly and brightly coloured fruits; it´s nourishing and I wanted to create a lamp that conveyed that juiciness!

To keep it true to the species I wanted to represent whites, greens and pinks. I love that a cactus makes a low maintenance house plant - it´s tough but brings greenery and decoration to a room, just like this lamp. The life size height makes it great freestanding in a room - I have mine in the kitchen among some real ones!´

Product information

Colors Available: Pale green with dark orange flowers, White with gold flowers, Mint with fuschia flowers, Emerald green + yellow flowers

Material: Vinyl

Produced: Hand-molded in Spain

Energy Efficient: Long-life and low energy consumption through LED technology

Product Dimensions: 38x28x17cm

Characteristics: CE certified LED fixture. Accepts 100V/240V 50-60Hz AC. Plug three-prong type (type G), the kind typically used in the UK, or a two-prong type (type C) typically used in all other regions of the EU. Emits 150 lumens, 12v 2.5 watts. LED life span of up to 50,000 hours.

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