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Ion protection k-lite zip 2018

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Ref: 47700-5918.

New product

ION always strives to make good products even better. The brand new K_LITE Zip is based on the regular K_LITE kneepad but has been upgraded with a zipper to get into the pad quicker. The Quick_E function makes for a light, breathable and pedal-friendly kneepad with a very slim outline, easy handling and great comfort. In order to offer good impact protection the K_LITE Zip combines thin SAS-TEC padding with hidden hardcaps to distribute loads in case of a crash. The unique Snug_Loop construction - an internal neoprene strap running from the back of the calf over the kneecap back to the calf again - keeps the pads in place. Even if you ride for hours. An additional Thigh_Match velcro strap at the top (and bottom) plus the 3D patterns cut of the K_LITE Zip also ensures a secure fit even when pedaling.

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