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Joint for ibase

49,50 € tax incl.
55,00 € tax incl.
Availalbe: ENTREGA 7-10 DÍAS

Ref: 14130-8012.
Joint (long pin) for ibase

New product

We are 100% convinced that absolutely everyone in all conditions and for all disciplines needs only one base. The flexibility and ease of de/attaching makes the need for different bases and systems simply obsolete. All these unique features do not lead to any additional weight, something other bases in the market cannot claim to achieve!

Some call it fanaticism; we call it attention to detail. Even in supposedly unimportant components there is a lot of potential, you just have to realize it. This requires the courage to think differently and to patiently rethink or question even proven designs. That`s exactly what our engineers have done together with the team when it came to developing a completely new, universal mast base system. The top priority in addition to the functionality was the requirement to create ONE single, uncompromising system for ALL conditions. The result is the iBASE 2.0, the lowest mast base system with central screw!

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